Laying new drains or installing treatment systems often involves significant excavation. At Lancs Tanks we have the tools and experience to perform excavations safely, efficiently and with minimum disruption.

Size Doesn't Matter

We can carry out excavations of just about any size, depending on your needs. We have a fleet of various sized excavators (from the humble spade to our 13 tonne excavator) and all our operators are certified to use them, even the spades!

Reparation Work

Excavation work is by it's nature quite invasive. This needn't mean that your property is left in a mess once excavation has occurred. We are able to repair affected areas to the highest standards at the end of a job, leaving minimal trace of workings.

Picture of a spadePicture of a Bobcat Mini DiggerPicture of a Komatsu 13 tonne excavator

Site Clearance Work

We also offer site clearance and screening services if required.

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